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CHEK Practitioners are specialist in Corrective Exercise and Holistic Kinesiology. They are trained in assessment techniques and individualized application of exercise and exercise programs. A CHEK Practitioner takes a holistic approach to the assessment, education and training of their clients & patients, as they understand that the human body is made up of many complex inter-related systems.

Therefore a CHEK Practitioner conducts a thorough and detailed assessment on each client using questionnaires and physical assessments before providing any programs or recommending the appropriate course of action.

This system or approach is designed to address the person as a whole and analyzes the client’s body from head to toe including diet, lifestyle and factors that can create more stress in the body. Stress has many faces and the accumulation of stress in the body may determine the amount of exercise, rest and or lifestyle changes the client needs to take in order to recover from pain or reach the goals they desire before they simply burn out.