Dave is a Chek Practitioner and Holistic lifestyle Coach. David’s mission is to help people become a better version of themselves. Taking an integrative approach to health and wellness. Focused on restoring balance to the body, through lifestyle, mindset, and corrective exercise.


David’s fully integrated approach to health combines eastern philosophy with westernized scientific perspective to achieve balance within the body. He is passionate about getting to the root cause of his clients issues while guiding them to accomplishing their dream, goal, or obective. 

While playing college basketball David suffered a sever ankle injury which ended his career and began to self-medicate which led to numerous dramatic events. David realized that his health was compromised in numerous ways which motivated David to become his own best health advocate. 

David’s goal is to help people that are ready to take responsibility of their health. Using his knowledge and wisdom to help his clients increase their vitality and overall well-being. While achieving their own health and wellness goals. 

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Edgewater Chicago

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